Milne Edwards, 1857 (2), p.223

Galaxea was originally described by Oken (1815). According to ICZN Opinion 417 (September 1956), the names originally proposed by Oken (1815) are rejected. Therefore authorship is assigned to the second person who used the name.

Type Species

Madrepora fascicularis Linnaeus, 1767, p.1278; Subsequent Designation Vaughan, 1918: 98

Type Specimen: Holotype; ; Not Traced; Unknown




  • South Asia; Oligocene
  • Caribbean; Oligocene
  • South Asia; Miocene
  • Australasia; Miocene
  • Melanesia; Miocene
  • Micronesia; Miocene
  • North America; Miocene
  • Southeast Asia; Miocene
  • Southeast Asia; Pliocene - Pleistocene
  • East Asia; Pliocene
  • Melanesia; Pliocene
  • Southeast Asia; Pliocene
  • East Asia; Pleistocene - Holocene
  • North Africa; Pleistocene
  • Subsaharan Africa; Pleistocene
  • South Asia; Pleistocene
  • Australasia; Pleistocene
  • Melanesia; Pleistocene
  • West Asia; Pleistocene
  • West Indian Ocean Islands; Pleistocene
  • Southeast Asia; Pleistocene
  • Indian Ocean; Recent
  • Western Pacific; Recent
  • Central Pacific; Recent
  • South Asia; Holocene
  • East Asia; Holocene
  • Melanesia; Holocene
  • West Indian Ocean Islands; Holocene
Source: Paleobiology database (accessed 5/28/12), Veron (2000). Historical distribution: Miocene-Recent. North America-IndoPacific (Wells, 1956). Distribution compiled by Matthew Tibbits

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