Milne Edwards and Haime, 1851:82

Type Species

Hymenophyllia haueri Milne Edwards and Haime 1851: 82; Monotypy Milne Edwards and Haime 1851: 82

Type Specimen: Unknown; ; Not Traced; Unknown

Type Locality: Gosau, Northern Calcareous Alps. Cretaceous

The species has not been illustrated.


From original diagnosis: Phaceloid. Calices of 8-10 mm, more or less deformed. Epicostal epitheca and additional inner wall at a small distance from it. Septa in irregular systems, septal faces covered with granules, inner margin in the form of small paliform lobes. Columella rudimentary or lacking. Dissepiments endothecal and exothecal, numerous.


Original description concerns a poorly documented Cretaceous species. Under the same generic name, Kuehn 1942:121-122 described (illustrated with a schematic fig.5) the second species, Hymenophyllia triadica, which isa phaceloid, Rhaetian coral, probably of the genus Retiophyllia.

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