Melnikova, 1996: 8

Synonymy: Toechastraea Volz, 1896

Type Species

Toechastraea kushlini Melnikova, 1975:135, pl.38, fig. 1-3; Monotypy Melnikova, 1996: 8

Type Specimen: Holotype; PIN 4598/125; Verified; Dry Preserved

Type Locality: Bortepa River valley, SE Pamirs, Bortepa suite, Rhaetian



Cerio-meandroid. Corallites of a few millimeters in diameter. Increase intracalicular by division without skeletal connections between the centers. Radial elements of septal type, non-confluent. Septal sides covered with spiny, protruding, abundant granules. Anastomosis between S3 septa and sides of adjacent S2 and S1 septa producing septal diades and triades. Columella styliform, frequently connected with S1 septa. Endotheca vesicular. Wall septothecal, made of peripheral septal borders.


Well described and illustrated in Melnikova 1996:9, 2001:78, pl.29: figs.1,2.


In dimensions of corallites, styliform columella, anastomosis and micromorphology of septa, Curtoseris resembles Mesomorpha Pratz, 1883 of a thamnasterioid type of colony.


Only one species has been described.


  • Central Asia; Late Triassic
Found in the ravins Bortepa say and Pordjilgha say.

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