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Recently Updated Taxa

Taxon Last Modified By
Craspedophylliinae Cuif, 1977 27-Apr-2017 13:51 Ken Johnson
Favitinae Verrill, 1901 19-Apr-2017 12:13 Ken Johnson
Galaxinae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 20-Mar-2017 19:31 Stephen D. Cairns
Oculininae Gray, 1947 20-Mar-2017 19:05 Stephen D. Cairns
28-Jan-2016 14:12 Ann Budd
28-Jan-2016 14:09 Ann Budd
28-Jan-2016 14:09 Ann Budd
Stylophorinae Milne Edwards and Haime, 1849 07-Oct-2014 13:11 Ken Johnson
Retiophylliinae Cuif, 1977: 39 17-Oct-2010 11:56 Ewa Roniewicz
Amphiastraeinae Ogilvie, 1897 16-Oct-2010 08:58 Ewa Roniewicz
Alpinophylliinae Roniewicz, 1989:87 15-Oct-2010 18:43 Ewa Roniewicz
Margarophylliinae Cuif, 1977 14-Oct-2010 20:14 Ewa Roniewicz
Quenstedtiphyllinae Roniewicz and Stolarski, 2001 12-Oct-2010 16:48 Ewa Roniewicz
Distichophylliinae Cuif, 1977 11-Oct-2010 18:24 Ewa Roniewicz
Pinacophyllinae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 11-Oct-2010 18:05 Ewa Roniewicz
Mussinae Ortmann, 1890, p. 315 06-Oct-2009 23:17 Ann Budd
Faviinae Gregory, 1900, p. 29 06-Oct-2009 23:16 Ann Budd
Thecocyathinae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Meandrininae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Pseudocoeniinae Roniewicz , 1976 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Heterocoeniinae Beauvais, 1981 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Caryophylliinae Milne Edwards, 1857 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Stylininae d'Orbigny, 1851 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Desmophyllinae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Euphylliinae Alloiteau, 1952 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson

25 Taxa Found

Holotype of Palaeocyathus fromenteli type species of the genus

Dendrastrea dissimilis type species of the genus

Neotype of the type species of Heterastraea

Original Figure of Diplocoeniastraea italica by d'Achiardi 1880