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Recently Updated Taxa

Taxon Last Modified By
Craspedophylliinae Cuif, 1977 27-Apr-2017 13:51 Ken Johnson
Favitinae Verrill, 1901 19-Apr-2017 12:13 Ken Johnson
Galaxinae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 20-Mar-2017 19:31 Stephen D. Cairns
Oculininae Gray, 1947 20-Mar-2017 19:05 Stephen D. Cairns
28-Jan-2016 14:12 Ann Budd
28-Jan-2016 14:09 Ann Budd
28-Jan-2016 14:09 Ann Budd
Stylophorinae Milne Edwards and Haime, 1849 07-Oct-2014 13:11 Ken Johnson
Retiophylliinae Cuif, 1977: 39 17-Oct-2010 11:56 Ewa Roniewicz
Amphiastraeinae Ogilvie, 1897 16-Oct-2010 08:58 Ewa Roniewicz
Alpinophylliinae Roniewicz, 1989:87 15-Oct-2010 18:43 Ewa Roniewicz
Margarophylliinae Cuif, 1977 14-Oct-2010 20:14 Ewa Roniewicz
Quenstedtiphyllinae Roniewicz and Stolarski, 2001 12-Oct-2010 16:48 Ewa Roniewicz
Distichophylliinae Cuif, 1977 11-Oct-2010 18:24 Ewa Roniewicz
Pinacophyllinae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 11-Oct-2010 18:05 Ewa Roniewicz
Mussinae Ortmann, 1890, p. 315 06-Oct-2009 23:17 Ann Budd
Faviinae Gregory, 1900, p. 29 06-Oct-2009 23:16 Ann Budd
Thecocyathinae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Meandrininae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Pseudocoeniinae Roniewicz , 1976 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Heterocoeniinae Beauvais, 1981 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Caryophylliinae Milne Edwards, 1857 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Stylininae d'Orbigny, 1851 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Desmophyllinae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson
Euphylliinae Alloiteau, 1952 02-Oct-2009 17:15 Ken Johnson

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Blastozopsammia guerreroterion Filkorn and Pantoja-Alor, 2004, holotype, photograph courtesy Dr. Filkorn

Rhipidastraea soukupi Eliasova, 1991, holotype, photograph courtesy Dr. Eliasova

Holotype of Stephanocoenia oolitica Koby, type species of Allocoeniopsis

Lectotype of the type species of Phylloseriopsis