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Alphabetical Listing of Taxa

Acanthastrea Acanthogyra Acrhelia
Acropora Acroporites Acrosmilia
Actinacis Actinaraea Actinaraeopsis
Actinastrea Actinhelia Actinoseris
Adekoheastrea Adelocoenia Adkinsella
Afghanastraea Africana Agaricia
Agathelia Agathiphyllia Agelecyathus
Aggomorphastraea Ahrdorffia Alakiria
Alatotrochus Allocaeniopsis Allocoenia
Allocoeniopsis Alloiteaucoenia Alloiteausmilia
Alpinophyllia Alpinoseris Alticyathus
Alveolocyathus Alveopora Amblophyllia
Ampakabastraea Amphiastrea Amphiaulastrea
Amphimeandra Amphiphora Anabacia
Anacropora Andrazella Angeliphyllia
Anisocoenia Annotocyathus Annulopora
Anomastraea Anomocora Anomophyllum
Anomopora Anthemiphyllia Anthostylis
Antiguastrea Antillocyathus Antillophyllia
Antilloseris Aplophyllia Aplopsammia
Aplosmilia Apocladophyllia Apoplacophyllia
Araiophyllum Araucanastrea Archaeolasmogyra
Archaeoseris Archaeosmilia Archaeosmiliopsis
Archeoanthophyllum Archicoeniopsammia Arctangia
Areopsammia Aspidastraea Aspidiscus
Asterosmilia Astraeacis Astraeofungia
Astraeomorpha Astrangia Astraraea
Astrea Astreopora Astrhelia
Astrocoenia Astrogyra Astroides
Atelophyllia Atopocoenia Aulastraea
Aulastraeopora Aulocyathus Aulophyllia
Aulosmilia Australocyathus Australogyra
Australophyllia Australoseris Axiphyllum
Axophyllia Axophyllia Axoseris
Axosmilia Axotrochus

104 Taxa Found

Distal view of the holotype of Alloiteausmilia boudaharensis

Holotype of Astrea cellulosa Duncan

Lectotype of the type species of Aulophyllia

Syntype of Axiphyllum spatiosum type species of the genus