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Recently Updated Taxa

Taxon Last Modified By
Acrosmiliidae Alloiteau, 1952 17-Oct-2017 20:17 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Negoporitidae Eliášová, 1995 25-Aug-2017 21:07 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Placocoeniidae Duncan, 1884, p. 108 07-Jun-2017 13:59 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Montlivaltiidae Dietrich, 1926 07-Jun-2017 13:15 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Eugyridae Eguchi, 1942 07-Jun-2017 13:04 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Phyllocoeniidae Duncan, 1884 28-May-2017 13:16 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Faviidae Milne Edwards, 1857 28-May-2017 13:13 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Microsolenidae Koby, 1889 28-May-2017 13:10 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Microsolenidae Duncan, 1884 28-May-2017 13:09 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Isastreidae Solomko, 1888, p. 165 27-May-2017 22:16 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Thecosmiliidae Duncan, 1884, p. 80 27-May-2017 22:12 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Cyathophoridae Duncan, 1884 27-May-2017 18:58 Rosemarie Baron-Szabo
Clausastreidae Alloiteau, 1952 27-May-2017 10:09 Bernard Lathuilière
Montlivaltiidae Felix, 1900 27-May-2017 10:06 Bernard Lathuilière
Isastreidae Alloiteau, 1952 27-May-2017 09:38 Bernard Lathuilière
Parasmiliidae Vaughan and Wells, 1943 26-May-2017 17:16 Stephen D. Cairns
Parasmiliidae Alloiteau, 1952 26-May-2017 17:15 Stephen D. Cairns
Madreporidae Ehrenberg, 1834 26-May-2017 17:13 Stephen D. Cairns
Fungiacyathidae Chevalier, 1987 26-May-2017 17:10 Stephen D. Cairns
Madreporidae Dana, 1846 19-Apr-2017 12:13 Ken Johnson
Sylviellidae Eliasova, 2015 24-Jan-2017 10:50 Ken Johnson
Deltocyathidae Kitahara, Cairns, Stolarski, and Miller, 2012 09-Dec-2016 15:31 Ken Johnson
Merulinidae Milne Edwards, 1857 11-Nov-2016 14:58 Ken Johnson
Eusmiliidae Milne Edwards, 1857 11-Nov-2016 14:58 Ken Johnson
Dasmiidae Milne Edwards, 1857 11-Nov-2016 14:58 Ken Johnson

25 Taxa Found

Holotype of Palaeocyathus fromenteli type species of the genus

Dendrastrea dissimilis type species of the genus

Lectotype of Coenastrea thurmanni

Neotype of the type species of Heterastraea